A Survivor's Journey



Sheila* has been married for 12 years.  She became pregnant early in her marriage and spent the years raising her two children, one of whom is disabled.  She has no employment experience.  Sheila’s husband is verbally and physically abusive.  She says she became numb to the abuse as a way of dealing with his daily put-downs and periodic violence.  Sheila has become estranged from her family and friends over the years as her husband succeeded in pushing everyone away.  She is dependent on him financially and for health care support.  Recently Sheila was encouraged by her child’s physical therapist to reach out to the Shelter for support.  She is ready to start the process of changing her life, but she faces many hurdles.  COVID-19 got in the way of her progress, stopping her from getting a court hearing date to petition for child support.  Hopefully, this is only a temporary barrier. Sheila continues to build her emotional strength through support from the Shelter’s Advocate.  Like many others, Sheila is a survivor, and she is not about to give up.

*Name has been changed. The Shelter for Help in Emergency takes confidentiality of our clients seriously, and while these facts are real, this story is blended from experiences of several clients for anonymity.  


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