“The Shelter saved my life and reminded me who I was—not the victim of my abuser, not who he had made me, I was not trapped, I was free. Free to live a happy life, and my children and I are free from a home with a monster living inside it. I believe the Shelter to be God’s rescue for women and children living with abuse. It is not only a safe haven, but a rescue from the sadness and a pathway onto the light of life and happiness.”
"A blessing in disguise. Helps you when you feel like you have no one and no where. Caring and sweet staff."
“I feel very fortunate to be able to contribute my time and treasure to an organization so focused on healing, supporting and empowering community members who have become victims of domestic violence. There is great satisfaction in knowing that I am adding to the organization’s mission in a meaningful way and my involvement is rewarded by witnessing the caring, invested professionals at the Shelter consider the best interest of their clients in every decision (including financial) they make, resulting in life saving outcomes. I know my time and donations are always valued and have the potential to powerfully impact the life of a member of my community.”
"When I was about 6, my mom was going through a rough time with her boyfriend. The Shelter was our home when we needed it. I didn't understand it then, but having this resource was a literal life saver. Thank you for still going strong."
“I have learned a lot about myself here at this safe place. I call it ‘my safe place.’ Every day I wake up is a new start. A new day to get things done in my life without the worry of my abuser sabotaging my plans. The dark path that I was on is now lit with the light of the smiles and gleam in the eyes of the staff.”
"We are blessed to have a place like this right here in our community with such hard working people!"
“My pre-conceptions about domestic violence were typical: only the poor and disadvantaged are subject to this particular humiliation and violence. As I have since learned through my partnership with the Shelter for Help in Emergency, domestic violence crosses all racial, economic, and social lines.  We mostly hear about the impoverished victims because they are ones seeking emergency shelter and financial assistance, while those who are more financially secure can afford a hotel or travel costs to stay with a friend or relative. I have given my time, money, and sweat equity to the Shelter for over 18 years, because I know firsthand, the literally life-saving work accomplished in our community every day. I also know the hard working and frugal ethics of the staff and am confident that my monetary contributions are being spent wisely. I have learned that although we may feel overwhelmed by huge issues of brokenness in our world, such as domestic violence, we still need to show up, continue to reach out, and give of ourselves in the most authentic way.”