For Educators and Others Working with Teens

Educators Working With Teens

The purpose of the Shelter for Help in Emergency’s Prevention Program is to stop intimate partner violence before it begins by focusing on healthy relationships, increasing protective factors, and promoting positive youth development through evidence-based and evidence-informed activities designed for middle and high schools students.

Prevention Programs

  • Safe Dates: An evidence-based program where students discuss attitudes and behaviors associated with dating abuse and violence. Designed to fit within a health education, family life, or general life-skills curriculum.
  • Do YOU: An evidence-informed program for ages 11-16 which promotes self-esteem and resilience. Designed for small groups of the same sex for use during school or as an after-school activity.
  • Teen Advisory Board: Student-led groups to address teen dating violence and discuss ideas and activities for youth advocacy and prevention.

Prevention Talks

  • Bystander Intervention: Provides bystander intervention tools to direct, distract, and delegate. Offers examples of when to use each skill and opportunities to practice.
  • Healthy Relationships for Teens: Provides teens a space to learn characteristics of healthy relationships and explore what they want from their own relationships.
  • Teen Dating Violence Awareness: Activities and discussion about the dynamics of teen dating violence. Topics include statistics, red flags, and resources.
  • Conflict Resolution Skills: Conflict resolution and communication skill-building exercises in a safe and supportive setting.

Each presentation is approximately one hour and can be adapted to fit different environments. All are free of charge. To learn more about our Prevention Program or to schedule an activity, please call (434) 963-4676.