Safety Planning

The following are a list of options that can help you plan for the safety of yourself and/or children before an episode of violence or abuse occurs. These steps are merely suggestions and will not prevent a violent episode from happening. If you follow any of these steps and continue to experience abuse, it is not your fault! The abuser is the only one who can make the abuse stop. If you would like to download a personalized safety plan, please click the button below.

  • Program 911 into your cell phone speed dial.
  • Know the Shelter’s 24-hour hotline number: (434) 293-8509
  • Don't get trapped in the kitchen or bathroom.
  • Plan an escape route. Have a safe place to go after you have escaped.
  • Take your children with you.
  • Hide an extra car key and cash for emergency use.
  • Gather important papers and phone numbers. Store them with a friend.
  • Tell a friend or neighbor about your partner’s violent behavior.
  • Arrange a signal so a child, friend, or neighbor knows to call the police if needed.
  • Pack a bag for emergencies. Include clothes, medications, and children’s favorite toys.

The abuse is NEVER your fault! Whether you need someone to talk to, information, support, or a safe place to stay, there are people at the Shelter for Help in Emergency who will listen and can help. People who will believe you, and who know that no one ever deserves to be abused. If you would like to speak with someone, please call our 24-hour hotline at (434) 293-8509.

Safety Plan