Mother's Day

This Mother's Day thank her for her unwavering support by passing it on.

Mother's Day

Each year, the Shelter for Help in Emergency provides support services to over 400 women and children through our residential and outreach programs!

YOU can help us make an impact this Mother's Day by giving the gift of safety, time, and peace of mind to a mom and her children fleeing their abusive home!

A donation of $45 to the Shelter for Help in Emergency provides one night of security and refuge, a night of restful sleep without abuse, and an opportunity to regain the strength and confidence needed on their journey ahead. For each night of safety provided, the Shelter will send a personalized card to the women in your life you choose to honor this Mother's Day.

Did you know…

  • Most of the women who come to the Shelter for Help in Emergency are mothers fleeing violent homes with their children.
  • In Virginia, many families who requested shelter from domestic violence programs last year had to be turned away due to lack of funding.
  • 82% of Americans say that they would do something to help reduce domestic violence if they knew what to do.
  • Each year, the Shelter for Help in Emergency provides nearly 5,000 nights of safe shelter for over 200 victims of domestic violence and their children from the central Virginia area.
Since 1979, the Shelter for Help in Emergency has worked to support and empower victims of domestic/intimate partner violence through a combination of trauma-informed residential and community-based outreach services, including a 24-hour hotline, emergency shelter, safety planning, information and referral, resource assistance, legal advocacy and court accompaniment, supportive counseling, outreach to the Spanish-speaking community, and programs for children and youth. For more information, call 434-963-4676.

Make your purchase now to provide a night of safe housing

Your $45 gift will help the Shelter provide one night of safe housing, counseling and support for an abused woman and her children.

If you prefer to donate by mail, download the Mother's Day Donation Form PDF.